What differentiates SigningAgentSchool from other signing agent training offered online?

SigningAgentSchool is geared toward educating notaries on lender specific documents, not just general loan document signings. If you have a lender that has specific criteria or requirements, there can be an exam generated to educate Notary Signing Agents on that lender’s documents. It is a tool to help the notaries fully learn and understand specific documents so they can become better Signing Agents and better serve the borrowers at the signing table. It is also a tool for us to make sure we are assigning the best, most knowledgeable and professional Signing Agents to our customer’s signings.

SigningAgentSchool is also linked and integrated into our signing service’s website and notary database, so all information and scores gathered on SigningAgentSchool can be seen while we are assigning notaries to our signing appointments. The notary’s scores will determine whether they are eligible to receive signing appointments.


How do I sign up?

Click on the “Signup” option at the top of the SigningAgentSchool homepage and enter all necessary information in the subject fields. We understand some states do not require Notary Commission numbers, please just fill in all zeros in this field on the notary sign-up page if your state does not assign a commission number to you. Please keep in mind that this profile will not only be for Signing Agent School, but also for our signing services. This information along with your NOVA score is crucial for us to better understand your experience level and knowledge of document signings before we send you out on assignments. Please complete all fields accurately.


Why choose SigningAgentSchool?

Signing Agent School is here to help you better understand loan documents. Not just all loan documents, but LENDER SPECIFIC documents as well. It is a tool to help us, as well as you as a notary signing agent, provide better customer service to each borrower you meet with. Completing SigningAgentSchool successfully is also required for you to be eligible to receive assignments from our signing service as we will not send any notary to our customer’s signings without knowing their NOVA score.


Can I take the exams over again if I score poorly?

Yes. You can only take the exams twice. If you fail the exam or score poorly the first time, and would like to retake it, we urge you to view the videos again before taking the exam a second time.


What is my NOVA Score?

NOVA stands for “Notary Outstanding Verified Achievement”. NOVA Scores take everything into account - from your exam scores to your professionalism at a signing. This score ranks you in our notary database and it is what we look at before sending you out to any signing our customer requires. You can see your NOVA Score every time you log-in to SigningAgentSchool. Some factors of the NOVA Score are listed below and can change from day-to-day based on your conduct. NOVA Scores are calculated using 17 notary data points including: Signing Agent School Exam Scores Feedback From Actual Notary Assignments Successful & Timely Completion Thru Document Uploads Understanding & Accuracy With Client-Specific Instructions Understanding & Accuracy With Client-Specific Service Level Agreements Professionalism Displayed With Borrowers Up-To-date Notary Profiles, Including Commission, Bond, E&O Ability to Handle Complex and Bi-Lingual Signings


What determines whether a Signing Agent will be eligible for loan signings?

A Signing Agent needs to have a Good or Excellent NOVA Score in order to be eligible for loan signings.


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